Dr. Narad Nath Bharadwaj

Ambassador of  Nepal to Qatar

I am delighted that Nepal Business Association Qatar (NBAQ) has launched its website to reach out to wider stakeholders in Qatar. I am happy to recall that the Association was officially registered with Qatar Financial Centre last year with an objective to promote entrepreneurship of Nepali businesspersons in Qatar

Nepali diaspora in Qatar has continued to contribute to the development and prosperity of Qatar while contributing to the national economy of Nepal. I am confident that NBAQ will encourage and nurture entrepreneurship among Nepalis in Qatar to promote larger business and professional circle of Nepali community in Qatar. I would also like to request aspirant entrepreneurs to utilize the forum created by the Association to enhance their enterprises in Qatar.

At the same time, I would also like to encourage the Association to act as a bridge to link the economic opportunities available in Qatar and Nepal for the benefit of both the countries and the societies.

I wish NBAQ all the success in its endeavors.

Dr. Narad Nath Bharadwaj
Ambassador of Nepal to Qatar